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Energy Policy Priorities

PGES Energy Policy Priorities – 2023

PGES initially set out defined Energy Policy Priorities to reflect the immense changes before the industry as a result of the Brexit referendum and the consequential creation of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Policy.
These have been reviewed as a result of the CoVid Pandemic and the need to Recover to Net Zero.
A further workshop was held in 2022 and again in 2023 to reassess the priorities under the Chairmanship of Lord Whitty.
See the full listing here.

PGES Top priorities for Energy Policy are:

  • Make a plan, commit to the plan, stick to the plan and bind successors to the plan
  • Education and participation – for legislators and consumers
  • The return of the Energy Trilemma
  • Market design whole system and operation – allow market pace changes
  • Social burden – a rational approach
  • Future of gas – give confidence
  • Energy as a consumer activity – this one’s for all of us!
  • Investments need certainty – give confidence, it reduces the cost

These eight simple points represent the wishes of the whole group and are supported by proposals for short-, medium- and long-term policies.


PGES Responses to Calls for Evidence and Select Committee Inquiries

BEIS – Net Zero Review

Select Committee for Energy Security & Net Zero
Inquiry – Preparing for Winter
Inquiry – Heating Our Homes
Inquiry – Flexible Grid of the Future
Inquiry – Future Energy Technologies